Boardwalk in Long Branch, NJ

Welcome to LBCC

The Long Branch Coalition of Condominimums (LBCC) was created over a decade ago to advocate on behalf of all condominium homeowners of Long Branch, NJ. Comprised of over 38 associations, the LBCC informs HOA boards of issues affecting condos and the local community and to serve as a forum to address questions and concerns. By supporting local associations it has been instrumental in some important community undertakings such as keeping the Green Acres protected sections of Ocean Avenue traffic-free as well as successfully resolving issues with the City of Long Branch regarding garbage pick-up, lighting, and snow removal. Their efforts have saved our local condo community upwards of $10,000 annually.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a voice for condo owners and pass along information to local condo residents within the Long Branch area relative to issues that may affect them.